Sonnet 17 – my heart in hand

I watched as gracefully you stepped into
A door to far-off places past my sight
And watched as bright day turned to curséd night
For such is day without the light of you

I know you shall return before the end
That this great loneliness will someday cease
That I will at long last feel that release
Of your warm presence near, my soul to mend

But till the sun of that day crests the hill
And blesses all before me with its rays
I walk as one entrapped in a grey haze
And have no warmth to keep away the chill

By Time’s hourglass I watch the falling sand
Till you at last return, my heart in hand

Sonnet 16 – the halfway point

At this, the halfway point, solid I stand
Having traversed the rapids and the cliffs
And all the brambled cov’ring of the land
The wetted dirt and blinding snowy drifts

My thoughts turn to the journey yet to come
The veiléd mountain hulking over me
The second half of what will be the sum
Of one year’s efforts faced not fearlessly

Yet as the shadows cloud my troubled mind
And unmet trials start to overwhelm
The morning sun ascends with summer’s wind
And I once more stand strong there at the helm

For having come so far to this I know
There is no distance that I cannot go

Sonnet 15

Five years we’ve walked beside each other now
And still a fire is kindled in our wake
Still cling do we to our most solemn vow
And hand in hand each of our steps we take

Would that I could relive each of the days
The best of them, and then the worst as well
So long as in each one there was your gaze
Into the depths of which I often fell

Alas that we must trudge so quickly forth
Into the dark unknown of future’s grip
But then, uncertainty, too, has its worth
And you are ever there to right the ship

For if we have to face that wide unknown
I’m glad to do it with the love we’ve grown

Sonnet 14 – Ten things

And once with furrowed brow you asked of me,
What was it made me fall in love with thee?

For one, it was the starlight in your eyes;
For two, it was the moonbeams in your hair;
For three, your copper skin in the sunrise;
(Of course what first I saw was: you are fair!)

For four, it was the music in your laugh;
For five, the way you woke my thoughtful side;
For six, you were at once my better half;
For sev’n, the way you made me smile so wide;

For eight, I felt at once alive and true;
For nine, we saw above us the same sky;
For ten, as ne’er before, with you I knew
That in this life some walk, but we would fly.

Someday I know I’ll think of more to say;
I hope these truths suffice for thee today.

Sonnet 13 – Partner

I once went walking on a starless night
And found myself completely, wholly lost
As shadows twisted off the edge of sight
And strange and fright’ning sounds did me accost

I thought to turn around and find my way
By following the footprints I had left
But hidden with the ground they did then lay
And I was there alone, of route bereft

But in a sudden burst there came a star
The brightest light that ever I had seen
Though I had walked and travelled oh so far
It brought me close, a place I’d not yet been

And since that day she shines e’er in my eyes
And darkness cannot drown me ‘neath the skies

Sonnet 12 – My soul’s youth

I’ve often had a tickle in my mind
A mem’ry that I cannot ever place
And day to day I never can quite find
The way to get to it through time and space

It is a memory both mine and not
One lived by someone else, who is yet me
Someone behind the veil of time, whose lot
Is ever close and yet so hard to see

I know it in the instincts of my heart
I know it in recesses of my soul
I know it full though know not ev’ry part
Not details, but one true and solemn whole

It is behind that veil that I sense truth
Some wisdom learnéd back in my soul’s youth

Sonnet 11 – Breakdown

Alas! As if my brain had turnt to sludge
I’ve lost my will to write; each lonely drop
Of creativity won’t spark, won’t budge
They each insist they cease, desist, and stop

My lexicon’s diminished, torn to shreds
I’m scarce able to rhyme, resigned to plod
Along all day until it’s time for bed(s)
And write, ‘blah blah, blah blah, blah blah, blah blah’.(d)

Not long before the meter will succumb
To frazzled, twisted thoughts that can’t quite form
Coherent, structured sentences dumb
They make so little sense anymore

Perhaps I’ll turn to reading now instead
Perhaps somehow it can reset my head

Sonnet 10

‘Tis said a man can walk his life alone—
That others form a not unwelcome part
But one that is unneeded for his heart—
That by himself he can his talents hone. 

This grand and spurious fallacy is e’er
About when talks of “manliness” occur
When men take truth and right and them inter
‘Til more convenient truths take to the air.

 Forever’t seems we struggle ‘gainst such thought
Some misbegotten, fruitless, mad ideals
That seem so deaf to reasonéd appeals;
With peril reason’d words are ever fraught. 

For ‘til the day can come when reason wins,
Men will be filled with barb’rous, “manly” sins.

Sonnet 9


How does one find the road he’s meant to take?
When will one know she’s chosen right and well?
Will he yet seen the signs, and his choice make?
Will she receive the answers she can’t tell?

I, too, am drowned by doubt and grayish thought:
What have I done that’s changed this world I see?
Is this what my creator, in me, sought?
Have I done anything but work for me?

I write these things upon a lonely page
Undoubtedly without a hope to be
Someone to change this growing earthly stage
About whom all would say, “Thank God for thee!”

I oft return to ponder thoughts like these
When wond’ring if I’ll yet the moment seize

Sonnet 8


To ev’ryone whose life has twists and turns
To all whose troubles seem to swallow you
To each who can’t determine what to do
And ev’ry person whom for quiet yearns:

Belay the thoughts that beckon you to scream
O’ercome false wants of giving all up now
Stop spending time on why, and when, and how
And what the cruel world has against your dream

Look up to skies of blue and hear their song!
Listen to soft winds whisp’ring through the trees
See how clouds drift with ease upon the breeze
How winds take leaves and carry them along

And in those moments, pause and breathe and see:
The world can, in a second, make you free.