9/11/2022 – a note to my followers

I saw recently that daily-poem.com has surpassed 200 followers! Thank you to all who read and enjoy what I write. It gladdens me that so many of you have listened and read.

A brief note: I received a message (tragically gone unread for years) asking whether a poem posted here could be read at a wedding, and wanted to declare unequivocally that my poetry is for all. So long as no one is profiting from my words or portraying them as one’s own, I encourage and appreciate their being spread far and wide.

To you and yours.

12 January 2021

It has been 953 days since my last poem posted here.

Alas! Life has flown by in the meantime. I post here only as public affirmation that I am going to make a concerted effort to actually publish a poem daily.

No promises.

Thank you very much to all readers and commenters. If one of my poems has brought one person joy, then this is all worth it.