Firelight shines bright
On the face of my beloved
Outlining her softest features
Giving breath to her breath
Light to her light
As she lies there

There, her expression still
Quiet as her mind grows quiet
Worries slip away

And firelight shines upon her
Worries now are gone, her
Hair falls easily, wildly
Her breath, soft
Like the fire’s

They breathe together
Both soft as ever
One crackles, both burn
With light
So bright


I opened the page
And read of a mage
Whose powers were endlessly strong

He killed many beasts
Went to royal feasts
And s’pposedly knew right from wrong

But oft was I struck
By how his good luck
E’er boded ill for all but he

He’d “rescue” a town
Yet hundreds would drown
The carnage there for all to see

“A hero he was!
“Our hero because
“The man killed the treacherous king!”

So many would cry.
(Before they did die)
I know not why for him they’d sing

Yet still he’s cheered on
This storiéd con
I read about once in a book

Some say it’s all fun
To read what he’s done
But I say it’s gobbledygook.