Sonnet 4


What if I were to steal you for a day?
I’d bring you off adventuring with me
We’d find some treasure; frightened, I would say,
‘What dark magicks await explorers we?’

What if we went advent’ring for a day?
You’d lead me down some gods-forsaken route
Finding some creature, I would, timid, say,
‘We ought turn back; I fear danger’s afoot!’

What if we went off-road one fateful day?
And finding some contraption, I began
To stammer uncontrollably, and say,
‘What devilry is this, I am but man!’

And you would turn and say to me, plainly:
‘You’re safe, my love, don’t fret; you are with me.’

Sonnet 3 – Here, at the Gates

winter-sunset-evening-purple-791079.jpegI have not seen you here before today

Here I’ve not been, but hear I of this place
I closed my eyes and here galloped apace

And here ever you now will have to stay.

What? Never can I leave, visit my home?
I’ve not yet said good-bye, nor finishéd
The story I had written in my head
Will I remain undone, astray, alone?

Fair Child, fret not, your story is not o’er,
Those left behind will ever tell your tale;
You have done well–look now to starry veil
And set aside your burdens evermore.

For rest you must, so shed not one more tear
At peace you’ll be forevermore, Child–here.

Sonnet 2

When music through my head begins to walk
I stumble for a moment, frozen there
I hesitate to move or start to talk
For fear the sounds will shortly leave the air.

I scramble for a pen, put ink to pad,
And furiously write the melody;
The passersby do surely find me mad—
I hear them not; only music I see.

And scribbling on the page I’m loath to find
The notes are ambling, drunken, to and fro;
The melody, that temptress, leaves my mind;
Leaving naught but a shadow she doth go.

And so I struggle, hoping, day by day,
For song’s return, this time not to go ‘way.

Sonnet 1

I once was walking on a snowy day
With North-wind howling, redness on my face,
And all the world was silent, save the way
That wind did pierce the air and ev’ry place.

When what, to my confusion, should appear,
But diamonds glowing from the frosted ground,
Each sparkling gem a light, and ear to ear,
The clever Earth was smiling all around.

Look up, she sang, and I did lift mine eyes
To see the culprit, peeking from behind
The dark-wrought clouds; and I thought myself wise
For finding Diamond-wright, the Sun so kind.

And now whene’er I strive to find a gem,
That Sun will gently touch her light to them.