The Bard

Awake, dear souls, and listen well
To songs of yore and tales we tell.
We here have gather’d eagerly
Fantastic sagas for to see.

This one, a romance; this, a poem
Of wizards chanting from a tome;
The next, of old, a tragedy
About two brothers lost at sea.

A bard doth sing his happy tune
Of trekking under sun and moon;
But list’ning close, his melody
Reveals a slight melancholy.

For in his song, a darker tale
Is hiding underneath a veil
Of pretty voice and well-tuned string
And happy fires crackling.

He sings of dragons, fierce and strong,
Who to another world belong,
Of castles grand and halls of light,
Of damsel, page, of squire and knight.

Yet in his story wisdom lies,
As if he had, with his own eyes,
Beheld these wonders of the world
As his own travels once unfurl’d.

Now each of us, become transfix’d,
Is holding to each word betwixt
The sound of laughter and of dance;
We find a place to be in trance.

And just like that, the tale is told
Of dragon-hearts and blades of gold.
We clap, we sing, the fires roar,
Asking the bard to tell us more.

But he has vanished, disappeared!
And aft the fire-smoke has cleared,
We see no tracks; the man is gone
Who sung with us ere light of dawn.

So we return to revelry,
More songs to hear and tales to see.
The children laugh, the lovers smile,
Forgetting hardships for a while.

Sonnet 2

When music through my head begins to walk
I stumble for a moment, frozen there
I hesitate to move or start to talk
For fear the sounds will shortly leave the air.

I scramble for a pen, put ink to pad,
And furiously write the melody;
The passersby do surely find me mad—
I hear them not; only music I see.

And scribbling on the page I’m loath to find
The notes are ambling, drunken, to and fro;
The melody, that temptress, leaves my mind;
Leaving naught but a shadow she doth go.

And so I struggle, hoping, day by day,
For song’s return, this time not to go ‘way.



Black, creeping shadows

In my mind

That light

Doth try

To break.

This light is




My mind reaches for some


Of balance.

It tricks my spirit

To wrong

To lust

To envy

To glut.

And yet

The light still reaches.

It still reaches, and someday, it will

Cross the chasm.

Someday it will

Cross the void.

Someday it will make it across infinity.

The Man Who Drove A Sedan

There once was a man
Who drove a sedan
And fam’ly was his only love.

He drove it to work
(He worked for a jerk)
And park’d in the garage above.

His car-space was small
And so was the hall
Down which he would go to his chair.

Today the hall lamp
Was being a scamp
And fell toward the man, through the air;

When all of a sudden his small brain was flooding with flashes of lives old and new,
And he did a turn, burn’d the kernel of learning that happened on that day of Tue.

There once was a man
Who drove a sedan….
He woke up confused, with hurt head.

Sonnet 1

I once was walking on a snowy day
With North-wind howling, redness on my face,
And all the world was silent, save the way
That wind did pierce the air and ev’ry place.

When what, to my confusion, should appear,
But diamonds glowing from the frosted ground,
Each sparkling gem a light, and ear to ear,
The clever Earth was smiling all around.

Look up, she sang, and I did lift mine eyes
To see the culprit, peeking from behind
The dark-wrought clouds; and I thought myself wise
For finding Diamond-wright, the Sun so kind.

And now whene’er I strive to find a gem,
That Sun will gently touch her light to them.