High and low do clouds float by
Large and small they are
Wond’ring what they are do I
They fly so very far

 This one is a wooden ship
This, a sneaking cat
Then they toss and turn and whip
Into this or that

 I so wonder why they seem
To show us heav’nly arts
Maybe when the people dream
The clouds reflect their hearts

Sonnet 5

With fevered dream, my lost and weary mind
Does toss and turn in interrupted sleep
Stones fly, birds speak, and in a fright I weep
For ‘magined evils I can’t leave behind

My mind plays tricks on quickly-beating heart
Makes it believe the world is being rent
Asunder, that at last the dark’s ascent
Will cover all the earth with hellish art

Covered in sweat, my aching body cries
For hot, for cold, for drink, for food, for rest
It little knows the real, not east from west
Without the mind, it knows not truth from lies

But fin’lly I awake and noises cease
I find some modicum of waking peace