I sometimes think that I am lost
In folds of time and space
And wond’ring whether I have crossed
Again some friendly face

I find myself gazing toward
The spaces I’ve forgot
The places where my soul has soared
Before this time, this lot

If I remembered them I could
Learn all their lessons wise
Those mem’ries floating like driftwood
Beneath uncharted skies

12 January 2021

It has been 953 days since my last poem posted here.

Alas! Life has flown by in the meantime. I post here only as public affirmation that I am going to make a concerted effort to actually publish a poem daily.

No promises.

Thank you very much to all readers and commenters. If one of my poems has brought one person joy, then this is all worth it.


I forgot to write a poem!

Whatever shall I do?

Give up and now forgo ’em?

Stop writing? Reading, too?

I’m feeling so embarrassed

But now the hour is late

So I will merely write this

And ‘morrow sleep by eight