Write you

pexels-photo-211291.jpegI will write you
A song
As long
As your heartbeat
From its first to its last

I will write you
A verse
One for every moment
Every time I’ve looked into
Your eyes
“I love you”

I will write you
An epic
A tale of strife and woe
A tale of love and faith
Something that rings true
Something that reminds me
Of you
Our adventures and
Our hurts and
Our love

I will write you
A note
And stick it on your desk
And you’ll find it
And you’ll know it

I will write you
Into my heart
In every moment
You’ll be
In my soul


Why did we meet, lost, hurt, unknown?
Perhaps ’twas Fate, that e’er sly trickster;
Oft she plays, plots plans betwixt
Her list’ning ears; her eyes are fixed
On unsuspecting mortals, ‘lone.

Why did we meet, lost, hurt, unknown?
Maybe ’twas He who made the earth;
Seems likely He would find some mirth
In leading us from very birth
To find each other once we’d grown.

Why did we meet, lost, hurt, unknown?
Mayhaps ’twas naught, no fleeting thought
No meaning, tale, nor story wrought
A chance encounter, one unsought;
And to your arms I’ve blindly flown.

I know not why we met that night;
But glad am I for ev’ry day
And ev’ry hour and ev’ry ray
Of Sun that shines as if to say:
“O, lovers, ask not why today
No longer ye are off, away
One from the other; now allay
This doubt, no heed need you it pay.”
Such love we keep, it must be right.