Be still, my aching heart

I am unwhole without you

My heart beats, but for what?

My soul yearns to be ‘bout you

My essence in half, cut

As if my lifeblood quickens

When near your stolid gaze

And far from you it thickens

Confused and in a daze

So thus I must be near you

Toward you I will dart

Once more my soul will hear you

Be still, my aching heart!

Since we locked eyes

By firelight did I see your eyes
The first they locked on mine
And burrowed beneath my disguise
With clarity divine

You saw beneath the hardened shell
I’d built upon my skin
And saw into the untapped well
Of spirit trapped within

And patiently you chipped away
At walls both thick and thin
‘Til flooding in came light of day
O’er my heart’s raucous din

So since we locked eyes in the red
And flick’ring light of dying fire
E’er have I owed, my belovéd,
To you my love and my desire.