Sonnet 14 – Ten things

And once with furrowed brow you asked of me,
What was it made me fall in love with thee?

For one, it was the starlight in your eyes;
For two, it was the moonbeams in your hair;
For three, your copper skin in the sunrise;
(Of course what first I saw was: you are fair!)

For four, it was the music in your laugh;
For five, the way you woke my thoughtful side;
For six, you were at once my better half;
For sev’n, the way you made me smile so wide;

For eight, I felt at once alive and true;
For nine, we saw above us the same sky;
For ten, as ne’er before, with you I knew
That in this life some walk, but we would fly.

Someday I know I’ll think of more to say;
I hope these truths suffice for thee today.

Sonnet 13 – Partner

I once went walking on a starless night
And found myself completely, wholly lost
As shadows twisted off the edge of sight
And strange and fright’ning sounds did me accost

I thought to turn around and find my way
By following the footprints I had left
But hidden with the ground they did then lay
And I was there alone, of route bereft

But in a sudden burst there came a star
The brightest light that ever I had seen
Though I had walked and travelled oh so far
It brought me close, a place I’d not yet been

And since that day she shines e’er in my eyes
And darkness cannot drown me ‘neath the skies

Into the eyes of stars

Into the eyes of stars I look this night
And with a kiss, in me awakes a fire
As we do smile and dance here in the sky
I could, I must, I will voice my desire

My wife bought me a “poetry set” of fridge words, and I came up with this, as you can see in the picture. A very happy weekend to all.

Sonnet 12 – My soul’s youth

I’ve often had a tickle in my mind
A mem’ry that I cannot ever place
And day to day I never can quite find
The way to get to it through time and space

It is a memory both mine and not
One lived by someone else, who is yet me
Someone behind the veil of time, whose lot
Is ever close and yet so hard to see

I know it in the instincts of my heart
I know it in recesses of my soul
I know it full though know not ev’ry part
Not details, but one true and solemn whole

It is behind that veil that I sense truth
Some wisdom learnéd back in my soul’s youth