Nary a thought

I had not oft questioned my earthly path

Until I found the road came to an end—

Not just an end, a cliff before me then—

No way to turn but back to what I knew

And question then did I all that I knew

The birds, the skies, my God, the very ground

Each thing that once was sure I’ve questioned since

My path was found to end with nar’ a thought

An open letter to my dog

Frustration piles on empty pittances
Some promise of an easy fix is made
Yet never will you know what silence is
Without knowing to calm when you’re afraid

 You howl and yip, destroying all you can
You pull apart the things we’ve built for you
If only I could know the prior man
Who did neglect you and make you so blue

 I can’t make any promises you’ll hear
Or rather that you’d ever understand
But for a moment lend to me your ear
And know these heart-writ words that I have penned:

 You soon will know that from you I won’t leave
That this time, love is permanent and true
And to my arms you’ll your sweet self so heave
Knowing at once and e’er that I love you.

Sonnet 10

‘Tis said a man can walk his life alone—
That others form a not unwelcome part
But one that is unneeded for his heart—
That by himself he can his talents hone. 

This grand and spurious fallacy is e’er
About when talks of “manliness” occur
When men take truth and right and them inter
‘Til more convenient truths take to the air.

 Forever’t seems we struggle ‘gainst such thought
Some misbegotten, fruitless, mad ideals
That seem so deaf to reasonéd appeals;
With peril reason’d words are ever fraught. 

For ‘til the day can come when reason wins,
Men will be filled with barb’rous, “manly” sins.