Sonnet 16 – the halfway point

At this, the halfway point, solid I stand
Having traversed the rapids and the cliffs
And all the brambled cov’ring of the land
The wetted dirt and blinding snowy drifts

My thoughts turn to the journey yet to come
The veiléd mountain hulking over me
The second half of what will be the sum
Of one year’s efforts faced not fearlessly

Yet as the shadows cloud my troubled mind
And unmet trials start to overwhelm
The morning sun ascends with summer’s wind
And I once more stand strong there at the helm

For having come so far to this I know
There is no distance that I cannot go

6/6/2022 – water’s weird enclaves

I dreamt I walked upon a lake
Whose surface was like glass
And there the water to me spake
Through my mind’s deep morass

‘Look here, beneath your toes,’ it said,
‘And wonder at what’s there
‘For you opted to make your bed
‘Away from cleaner air.’

And there beneath the surface I
Could see the rippled sand
And fishes who were wending by
So far from tempered land

And so I turned my skin to scales
And stepped beneath the waves
And there I found aboveground pales
‘Gainst water’s weird enclaves