‘Tis our bond

Far down the twisting path I go
Beside the one I cherish true
‘neath knotted boughs, o’er roots below
We in our steps purpose imbue

For we have sights set on a truth
That lies beyond the edge of sight
A thing sought since the pride of youth
Diminished in new wisdom’s light

I lift her up, she grasps my hand
And pulls me through the corridors
Of shadowy and unsure land
Just as I shield her from life’s sores

And though the truth lies yet beyond
That which we see before us still
T’ward it we go, for ’tis our bond
To climb together that lone hill

Be still, my aching heart

I am unwhole without you

My heart beats, but for what?

My soul yearns to be ‘bout you

My essence in half, cut

As if my lifeblood quickens

When near your stolid gaze

And far from you it thickens

Confused and in a daze

So thus I must be near you

Toward you I will dart

Once more my soul will hear you

Be still, my aching heart!

7/5/2021 – rise from the doldrums

Yes, I know it’s not the 5th. I once again missed a poem, which means I owe you two.

So oft the world bears down upon
A tired, anxious mind;
And though we try to soldier on,
Our fates are intertwined
With all the world purports to be,
And all its stops and turns;
In life we are not from it free
Nor immune to its burns;
And so with anxious mind and heart
We listen to the peace –
What peace we can but find – and start
To force the pain to cease;
And from the wind and trees and skies,
A fresh breath at last comes;
And spirits can finally rise
From earth’s painful doldrums.