Each day brings with it new, uncharted fears
Some ne’er-seen challenge for us to confront
As if the world were ever fighting us
Trying to have us bow before its strength
Trying to make us doubt our own.

 But mind is greater than our flesh and bone
And simple tricks of earth it always sees
And so we seize the day, ignoring earth
And working t’ward the next day, and the next
Never letting earth stop us.



I never knew I wanted
What I now ever have
I thought I knew the story
And how it all would go

So glad am I my life has turned
So far from my planned path
I can’t imagine different now
It’s like it’s writ in stone

And for the love who changed it all for me
I have a promise that I give to thee:

I never shall look back to then
And what I’d wished to have
For greater pow’r has brought me you
To have, and love, and hold

So I shall ever hold you
Enveloped in my arms
And you will always know, love
I’m yours, I’m yours, I’m yours.