Shadows abate

Though oft I do despair

For want of freer air

I cannot but be awed at my good luck

For when I could not see

I set my heart to thee

And no longer could chaos run amok

When I did walk alone

My heart hard as a stone

Ne’er could I have imagined such a fate

As to be bound to you

A bond so right and true

That all the shadows in my mind abate

The pooch on hooch

There once was a pooch

That got hooked on hooch

Would drink on days that end with “y”

He had him a beer

And ‘gan to afear

An air balloon up in the sky

He barked and he woofed

And t’ward it he hoofed

Till his paws were tired, raw, and red

And that’s when he found

He’d just run around

His head, dreaming deep in his bed