5/10/2023 – so far, so near

I heard upon the summer wind
A message come from over hill
Of sunlight left unbound, undimmed
Where all is green and birdlings trill

I wondered at why I was there
Upon the wrong side of the slope
Living beneath the streetlights’ stare
With green reduced to a fool hope

Hungered, I wished to go beyond
To look upon the rolling fields
To walk under a yellow sun
Unfettered by its smog-cloud shields

Yet I could not; bound were my feet
In lies men had constructed here
Long ere I could have chose to meet
The truths beyond, so far, so near

5/6/2023 – your starlight

I’ll steal you a star

I’ll go out in the night
I’ll ready my lasso
I’ll take my precise aim
And then my rope I’ll throw

I’ll pull it to the ground
I’ll hold it in a bowl
I’ll take it to our bed
And bare it with my soul

I’ll watch it next to you
I’ll see it brightly shine
I’ll see it’s not so bright as
The starlight that is thine